Make your event an intense & unreleased moment

Seduce your customers, your collaborators, your friends,… inviting them aboard the Imperial Marie Antoinette, which will help: Develop your brand, enhance your notoriety, reward your employees, diversify and strengthen your Communication and much more…

Today the imperial of Marie Antoinette is seen as atypical… We offer you to enjoy originality to stand out. If you have a project for an event we will think about it together…

Possible uses by itinerant: for a simple stroll in oenotrourisme, for a meal, for a work session away from the offices and the city, for a moment of relaxation after a work session, to receive interlocutors in VIP…;

or fixed: As podium, as stand, in ephemeral bar, as a walking showcase…

Family meetings, friends and events (birthdays)

Tour operators:
Destination Champagne

Companies and C.E. :
In-house meetings, customer receptions, promotional tool (stand XE) – Ephemeral bar – podium

Champagne Houses:
Customer reception

The Imperial is:

  • Driver

  • Hostess or steward

  • Kilometers package

  • External display for personalized message

  • Ice Buckets

  • Ice

  • Glasses

  • Water Bottles

  • Wireless microphone

  • 3 television screens

  • Power Outlets

  • Bose speaker for Bluetooth connection

  • Microwave

  • Mini Oven

  • Small refrigerator

  • Nespresso Coffee Machine

  • Toilet

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