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meal in the vineyard

We've developed a range of unique tourist attractions around a 2-storey bus. The unique 3.5-metre-high panoramic lounge will give you a whole new experience in the context of meal in the vineyard. Comfortable, it will surprise you with its originality and will adapt to your events as well as to your company. meal in the vineyard.

Marie Antoinette Denois behind the concept

Born into a line of winegrowers spanning more than 6 generations, Marie-Antoinette grew up on a vineyard in Cumières, in the heart of the Champagne region. Working in the vineyard and entertaining customers have always been part of her life. Discovering and buying Champagne has always been synonymous with festivity, joy and celebration. So create your own memories and discover your own Champagne. meal in the vineyard

What we offer

Marie Antoinette and her team will welcome you to share the "art de vivre à la française" and experience intense moments of emotion and conviviality for your meal in the vineyard. We organize simple getaways to more thematic days to allow you to discover Champagne in Champagne with your meal in the vineyard. L'Impériale offers cruises through the Champagne vineyards, stopping at the most beautiful viewpoints and tasting Champagne with your guide. meal in the vineyard. - From Reims and Epernay (and surrounding areas) meal in the vineyard - Several departures throughout the day meal in the vineyard - With Champagne consumption and your meal in the vineyard - From 3 hours to a full day for your meal in the vineyard

An exceptional experience

Seduce your customers, your colleagues, your friends, with our meal in the vineyard  . By inviting them aboard Marie Antoinette's L'Impériale, which will help :

Various possible configurations

Possible uses on the road: for a simple wine-touring stroll, for a meal, for a work session away from the office and the city, for a moment of relaxation after a work session, to receive VIP guests, for a meal in the vineyards..., or as a permanent fixture: as a podium, as a stand, as an ephemeral bar, as a mobile showcase to take a break in the middle of your meal in the vineyards...

Individuals : Family get-togethers, friends and events (birthdays) and meals in the vineyards

Tour operators : Destination Champagne, meals in the vineyards

Companies and C.E. : Internal meetings, customer receptions, promotional tools (xe stand) - ephemeral bar, podium : meals in the vineyards

Discover and rediscover in a whole new way!

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We will accompany you for your meal in the vineyards. With optimal organization and in an exceptional setting, opt for our meal in the vineyards that will delight you. Whether you're a professional or an individual, as part of a discovery or rediscovery experience, you'll have a whole new perspective on your meal in the vineyard. L'impérial Marie Antoine stands out from the crowd thanks to its experience and history. We'll bring you something extra, both in terms of the tours we offer and the way we serve you. meals in the vineyards. For many years now, we've been satisfying a wide audience who are keen to discover and enjoy this new experience around your meal in the vineyard. If you're looking for something original but still authentic, then look no further than our meal in the vineyards. Are you a tourism professional? We'll surprise you with our vision and unique concept, so you too can offer our meal in the vineyard for your customers. For all private events that can complement our meal in the vineyard we have a wide range of services and advantages to satisfy your comfort and enhance your event. Do you have any questions about the format of our meal in the vineyards ? Then contact us and ask your questions, we'll be happy to answer them.

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